Throughout your entire life, your role as a worker will be interconnected with other roles you play. Examples of roles you might engage in that are affected by your career could include being a homemaker, a community citizen, a student, a re-creationist. Your career reaches beyond your role as a wage earner in your chosen occupation. For example, an easy way to see how your career and choice of an occupation affects your future roles is to consider the following scenario. If you were to assume the roles of wage earner, homemaker, and student clearly your occupational income must be sufficient to pay for the expenses incurred in these other roles. Most persons are primarily involved with two or three roles at a given point in time. Which roles you are focusing on depends upon your age and life stage. For example, if you are in college, your principal roles may be as student and re-creationist. Later on in life your principle roles may be as worker and homemaker. The point is that throughout your life you will play a combination of work, leisure, study, homemaking and citizen roles that are intermixed. It stands to reason therefore that when you make decisions about your career and your work, you should take into consideration the effect of these career decisions on your other roles.