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career test free assessment placement tests for students and job quiz

These free online career tests (job quiz and aptitude assessment tests) can be navigated with a keyboard. Tab through the career tests assessment questions. When you reach a question, the first radio button will focus. Hold down Alt and press the down or up arrows to select the radio button you want. Once selected, press tab to advance to the next test question.

Career Test Free Quiz Aptitude Assessment Placement Tests

Free 3 minute online career test (job quiz). No registration. Enjoy!

  1. Maintain, install, or repair computers.
  2. Try new food recipes.
  3. Help a business or client meet financial goals.
  4. Teach people new skills.
  5. Take care of people, even strangers.
  6. Write books, articles, essays, or plays.
  7. Interpret data/numbers and problem solve.
  8. Discover why and how chemicals react to one another.
  9. Investigate crimes.
  10. Learn about human relations and psychology.
  11. Design a costume or stage set.
  12. Motivate, encourage, and help others to fulfill their goals.
  13. Animate graphics on a computer.
  14. Learn computer software programs.
  15. Learn what fruits and vegetables are in season.
  16. Learn how to start a business.
  17. Train employees.
  18. Learn how the body functions.
  19. Research and create reports.
  20. Design airplanes, buildings, bridges, or machinery.
  21. Study marine life in their habitat.
  22. Serve your community and keep it safe.
  23. Understand world events and politics.
  24. Critique art, music, or performances.
  25. Train people to meet fitness goals.
  26. Design a logo for a business.
  27. Troubleshoot technology issues.
  28. Cater a party.
  29. Ensure a business meets standards.
  30. Develop lesson plans for classes.
  31. Help those who are dying, sick, or depressed.
  32. Prepare a press release.
  33. Solve math problems.
  34. Understand and observe the changes in weather patterns or animal migrations.
  35. Help community during a natural disaster or emergency.
  36. Study ethics and philosophy.
  37. Play an instrument.
  38. Lead recreational activities.
  39. Design a website.
  40. Code a website or software application.
  41. Design a cake for a customer.
  42. Supervise, hire, and mentor others.
  43. Teach a large group how to do something.
  44. Observe, record, and report a patient’s condition.
  45. Read books and articles.
  46. Analyze statistical data and trends.
  47. Research environmental effects on wildlife.
  48. Ensure federal, state, and local laws are abided by.
  49. Research other cultures and religions.
  50. Work as a performer, stagehand, or director.
  51. Advise people about healthy lifestyle habits.
  52. Produce a commercial.
  53. Use technology everyday.
  54. Work outside most of the time.
  55. Help people who are in need.
  56. Build or fix things.

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Your career aptitude tests (job quiz) results include career interests followed by 4 sub career interests. Research college and university programs that match your career test results. Career aptitude tests and job quizzes are useful for career interest exploration.

$=Careers that pay over $50,000. ↑=High Growth Occupation

Free Career Tests Job Quiz Assessment Placement Tests
Career Tests Quiz Job Interest % Career Tests Quiz Job Categories Student Interest Classes

If your free career test revealed high scores in technology, you have a multitude of careers to choose from that span across multiple industries. Most all colleges and universities have technology degree programs and many of those are online to fit your scheduling needs. There are technology careers in the healthcare field, art and multimedia field, and even business. Look at this career test and consider the other categories you have high interest in and research careers within those categories that include technology. For example, the medical field has healthcare jobs such as ultrasound technicians. On the technology side, healthcare organizations are in need of IT positions (such as database and network administrators). If you like art and technology, you may find yourself leaning to a degree in multimedia arts and visual effects. Designing for mobile technology is also in demand due to companies competing for customers online. You can start to find college degree programs in IT today.

Student Classes: Based on your career test results, focus on math and computer classes.

Careers: Software Developer $↑, Information Security Analyst $↑, Database Administrator $↑, Web Developer $↑, Programmer$ Network Computer Systems Administrator ↑, Computer Support ↑.

β˜… Find a College


If you love cooking and scored high on your free career test in culinary, you may find happiness in a career such as being a chef, baker or pastry chef, cake decorator, or a food service manager. You can even get 2-year degrees in the culinary arts at many community colleges and vocational schools. If you are just starting out a career in the culinary arts, you may need to gain experience through food preparation and working under a chef and learning the trade. If you scored high on your career test in business and culinary, you may be interested in opening your own catering company, restaurant, or bakery. Student Classes: Math and business classes.

Careers: Dietician $↑, Chef $, Baker, Food Service, Lodging Manager.

Career Research: Learn more about culinary careers (article opens in a new tab so your test results remain open).


Business and financial careers are expected to rise by 8% between 2014-2024. The median salary for those in business and financial career fields is $64,790 (much higher than the median wage for all occupations of $36,200). If your free career test score is high in business, there is a wide range of occupations to research and you can start to research college programs today. Community colleges, state colleges, and universities have business programs and there are many business degree programs online. Student Courses: Writing, public speaking, math, and business classes. Careers: Market Research Analyst $↑, Financial Advisor $↑, Logistician (Supply Chain Management) $↑, Human Resources $, Public Relations $, Accountant $, Secretary.

β˜… Find a College

Education & Training

Careers in education is projected to grow 8% from 2014-2024 as the number of school and college enrollments and people seeking education online continue to increase. Over 5.8 million students took at least 1 online course in 2014 with 2.8 million students taking courses exclusively online. The 2015 Survey of Online Learning – Babson Survey Research Group. If your free career test reveals a high interest in education, research colleges to start your education career today. Also check out the many education degree programs that can be completed online.

Student Classes: Take courses in the subject you want to teach as well as public speaking, computer, and writing classes.

Occupations: Teacher $, Guidance Counselor $, Librarian $, Tutor/Teacher’s Aid.

β˜… Find a College

Health Medical Careers

Most of the top 20 highest paid and fastest growing jobs are in the health medical field. Employment of healthcare occupations is expected to grow 19 percent from 2014-2024 due to an aging population and an increased number of people with health insurance. If your assessment tests are high in healthcare, you’ll have many career options and you can start your college degree or medical certification research today. There is a wide range of healthcare certification or degree programs to fit your needs, from certifications that take a few months to programs that take 1-2 years, then all the way to doctorate degree level. Many community and state colleges offer certification or degree programs as well as universities. There are some online programs and some programs with a mixture of classroom and online work.

You can also take a free health career test (opens a new tab so you won’t lose your free career test results).

Healthcare Prep Courses: Anatomy, biology, chemistry, math, and physics courses.

Healthcare Careers: Sonographer (Ultrasound) $↑, Registered Nurse (RN) $↑, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) ↑, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) ↑, Radiographer (X-Ray Tech) $↑, Surgical Technologist $↑, Dental Assistant/Dental Hygienist $↑, Physical Therapist (PT) ↑, PT Assistant ↑, Occupational Therapist (OT) $↑, OT Assistant ↑, Speech Therapist $↑, Doctor/Surgeon $↑, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) ↑, Medical Office/Record Assistant (transcriptionist) ↑, Clinical Lab Tech ↑, Veterinarian $.

β˜… Find a College

Language & Communication Careers Employment in media and communication careers is expected to grow at a rate of 4% from 2014-2024. These careers growth rate is attributed by the need to create and share information a variety of ways. If your free career test reveals a high interest in language and communication, you can start to research college degree programs today in marketing, business, and communications. Some college degree programs are offered online.

Recommended Student Classes: Writing, public speaking, computer classes, psychology, and sociology will be beneficial.

Careers: English, Foreign Language, or Literature Teacher $, Technical Writer and Editor $, Interpreter/Translator ↑, Public Relations $↑, Marketing and Advertising $↑.

Career Research: Learn more about language and communications careers (article opens in a new tab so your test results remain open).

Math & Engineering Careers

Student Courses Rigorous math, science, and computer courses are the most valued. Careers: Actuary $↑, Engineer (most) $↑, Software Developer $↑, Financial Advisor $↑, Economist $, Statistician $↑, Accountant $. Career Growth: Math careers have a projected growth rate of 28 percent from 2014-2024. This job rate is due to businesses and government agencies using big data which mathematicians can analyze. The median salary is $80,270 in 2014.

Career Research: Learn more about math careers (article opens in a new tab so your test results remain open).

Natural Science Careers

Jobs in life, physical, and social science is forecast to increase 7% from 2014-2024.

Student Courses: Rigorous science courses.

Careers: Geographer $↑, Anthropologist $↑, Archeologist $↑, Oceanographer $↑, Biochemist $↑, Biophysicist $↑, Geoscientist $↑, Marine Biologist $, Chemist $.

Law & Public Safety Careers

Careers in the legal field is predicted to grow 5 percent from 2014-2024 and the median salary is $76,860. If your free career test reveals interest in public safety careers, you can research college degree programs today. Student Courses: Learn a second language and a public speaking course. Careers: Paralegal ↑, Forensics (Crime Scene Investigation) $, Law Enforcement $, Correctional Officers, Firefighters, Lawyer $, Security Guard, Wildlife Officer.

β˜… Find a College

Social Science Careers

So you like to help people! That’s a good thing, because over 2014-2024, social worker careers are calculated to grow by 12%. You can research college degree programs today and some programs may be available online.

Student Courses: Psychology, sociology, and human relations are beneficial courses to take for a career in the social sciences.

Careers: Social Science Teacher $, Social Worker ↑, Psychologist $, Sociologist $↑.

β˜… Find a College


If you scored high in art on your free career test and like technology, there are many art careers that use computer programs to design and create. As companies increase their exposure online, they need designers to enhance their image through effective layouts for websites and advertisements. You can consider game design, animation and visual effects, and multimedia such as film and music production. If you scored high in art on your free career test and are not interested in technology, you may want to consider careers in the performing or fine arts. A few more art careers include interior design, acting, industrial design, and fashion design. You can research college degree programs in art today.

Student Classes: Writing, public speaking, and art courses are important. Start creating a portfolio to help gain a job.

Visual Art Careers: Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer $, Photographer, Fashion Designer $, Fine Artists, Model/Actor, Makeup Artist or Cosmetologist (hair stylist).

β˜… Find a College

Wellness & Athletic Careers

Wellness and athletic jobs have varied occupational outlooks.

Student Courses: Courses related to nutrition, health education, physical education, human biology, and psychology are helpful.

Example Careers: Physical Therapist (health field) $↑, Nutritionist or Dietitian (health field), Personal Training (health field), Law Enforcement $, Firefighter $, Homeland Security, Recreational Therapist, Military.

Career Research: Learn more about wellness and athletic careers (article opens in a new tab so your test results remain open).

Multimedia Careers

A job as a multimedia artist has a forecast rate of 6% between 2014-2024 and their median salary is $63,630. However, these career outlooks vary. You can research college degree programs today.

Student Classes: Computer, art, public speaking, and writing classes.

Careers: Web Developer $↑, Multimedia Artist and Animator ↑, Industrial Designer $, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Recording Arts (sound/music), Producer or Director, Video Editor/Camera Operator.

β˜… Find a College

Free Career Test Online Job Quiz Sub Interests
Your Test Scores Career Interest Careers

The Computer Systems Design and Related Services industry is the fifth fastest-growing career industry according to the BLS increasing 3.2%. Technical consulting services and the software publisher’s industry are also fast-growing industries. You can research technology degree programs today.

Example Careers: Network/Security Admin, Computer Programmer, Digital Media Artist, Computer Forensics, Cryptanalyst, Robotics, Computer Support Specialist, Engineer, Game Design/Development.

β˜… Find a College

Outdoors & Physical

Career Outlook: The BLS lists jobs by both desk time and overall activity. Among these more active jobs are quite a few which offer generous salaries and solid occupational outlook. Listed are active jobs that earn more than $50,000 a year: Police Officer, Construction and Building Inspector, Rotary Drill Operators (Oil and Gas), Elevator Installer/Repair, and Electrical Power-Line Installer/Repair. Though indoors, many workers in the health field are on their feet and not behind a desk. Radiation Therapists, Occupational Therapists (and Assistants), Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Veterinarians, and Physical Therapists are just a few to consider. The following careers may or may not pay $50,000 a year, but also fit this category: Farmers, or Greenhouse Workers, Forest and Conservation Workers, Loggers, Animal Trainers, Firefighters, Military Personnel, Environmental Scientists, Archeologists, Surveyors, and Landscape Architects.

Helping People

Careers: Social Worker, Therapist (various), Medical Positions, Counselor, Teacher, Spiritual Leader, Firefighter, Law Enforcement.

Career Outlook: The healthcare field is booming with high salaries and jobs. According to the BLS, the individual and family services industry is also expected to have the second-fastest job increase in employment. This industry provides social services to children, elderly people, people with disabilities, and others. Another job that is growing is nursing and residential care facilities. This would include helping people who live in assisted living communities or nursing homes. Helping those with rehabilitation and personal care are also fast growing.

β˜… Find a College

Fixing & Building

Example Careers: Construction, Mechanic, Structural Iron and Steel Worker, Carpentry, Upholstery, Electrician, Equipment Install and Repair, Plumber, Production Worker. Career Outlook: Construction is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries. The BLS states the reason for this rise is investment in residential and nonresidential structures. As residential homes become older, there will be a demand for newer homes. A growing population also adds to this demand.

Career Test (Job Quiz) Results and College Research

Now that you have your career test (job quiz) results, you can visit the college articles to learn how to research colleges and universities with programs in your top career categories. Find the best colleges to apply for (by checking out college graduation rates and average cost upon completion), as well as how college financial aid and scholarships work, and more.

Career Test Results Video Transcript:

You’ll notice on your career test results that each category shows an interest level. This is an important feature to pay close attention to because you may have a strong or not-so-strong interest in more than one category. You may also find that there are careers that have more than one career category in common. For example, let’s say you scored a high interest in art and scored high in technology, you may enjoy a career as a multimedia artist. This career uses technology to create art. Or perhaps you scored high in communications and business, you may enjoy a career as a market research analyst, this career helps companies understand what products people want, who will buy them, and at what price. In addition, at the bottom of the career test are sub-interest career categories. These are simply categories to take into account when researching a career. These career categories will indicate whether you also prefer to be outside, helping people, using computers, or fixing and building things for example. Conduct further career research and make sure to find out the education required, salary, and occupational growth rate. You can also share these career test results with your family and friends and ask what they think of your career results. You can also find colleges that offer programs in the career categories you find interesting and request more information.